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Baylor University, located in Waco, Texas, educates over 14,000 students in a campus community focused on integrating academic excellence with Christian beliefs. The mission of the university is to achieve a top-tier distinction among America's leading higher education institutions by providing their students with an exceptional education.

Baylor University chose ARAMARK Higher Education as their campus dining provider to partner with them in accomplishing the Baylor 2012 initiative, a 10-year plan to obtain national distinction. This initiative included a vigorous expansion of the campus along with improvements and upgrades to the residential dining facilities. As a result, the university has met its goal of being up to 90% in its voluntary meal plan program.

"By the time we get to the next renewal process it will be our privilege to serve together for close to 55 years."
Chris A. Krause, Assistant Vice President for Campus Services, Baylor University

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The University of Scranton - Record growth in voluntary meal plan

At University of Scranton, ARAMARK Higher Education opened a Fresh Food Company® restaurant which helped grow record voluntary meal plans penetration up to 91%, including the addition a total of 760 commuter meal plans.of 727 commuting students. A web based signup system encouraged VMP enrollments with e-prompts as students signed up for housing in the spring semester. This system was extremely effective at closing the loop and communicating to all on-campus residents. Among the features of the Fresh Food Company® that attracted students to sign up for the meal plan program are a Mediterranean kitchen with pasta cookers, Panini grills, a brick oven, a Mongolian grill and a produce market with fresh fruits and vegetables displayed, prepared and served as you wait.

"Our ARAMARK regional team gave us the opportunity to visit schools in the Northeast region, particularly ones that had a Fresh Food Company®, so we could see the food service on their campuses. We kind of borrowed some ideas from each of those institutions to really put together what we thought was an appropriate program for the University of Scranton. The conversation between ARAMARK and the University really started a couple of years before we even began to work with architects."
Dr. Vincent Carilli, Vice President Student Affairs, University of Scranton

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University of Florida - Transformation of dining facilities based on student feedback

ARAMARK Higher Education recently transformed the retail dining concepts at the Racquet Club Dining Center at the University of Florida. Previously, this location offered a food court with a Deli, Salad Bar and BK Express. Based on feedback and suggestions from the students, ARAMARK Higher Education introduced Moe's Southwestern Grill (the first one on any college campus) and Chili's Too. The introduction of this dining venue has instantly become a destination among all campus constituents. In the first full year, University of Florida increased revenue by 50% and the number of transactions by more than 120,000 per year.

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Vassar College - Peace of mind dining for allergy sufferers

ARAMARK Higher Education created the "Peace of Mind Zone – Relax and Eat Up" specifically for students at Vassar College who suffer from severe allergies and can’t come into contact with even the smallest amounts of the foods to which they are allergic. Although it is a challenge to offer an interesting and varied menu while protecting those students, ARAMARK Higher Education created an area in the dining hall where students with severe allergies can be assured that the food is safe for them to eat.

To accommodate these students, allergen-free, gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, and dairy-free foods are served in one central area called the "Peace of Mind Zone". Students with allergies are genuinely appreciative of the efforts of ARAMARK Higher Education when responding to and meeting the needs of this small part of the college community.

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Duquesne University - University branded restaurant serves the growing campus community

In partnership with Duquesne University, ARAMARK Higher Education opened Red Ring, a full service restaurant branded specifically for the University. Along with the restaurant, a new catering facility was built to accommodate the growing needs of the university and the surrounding community.

"Because of their willingness to share their expertise and apply their market research to improve services and anticipate student needs and preferences, ARAMARK has become a strategic partner for Duquesne University in the recruitment, retention and wellness of a larger and more diverse student body."
- Paul-James Cukanna
Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, Duquesne University

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Grand Valley State University - First ever Student Senate Food Committee formed

As a result of ongoing conversations and relationship building with the Student Senate Community Affairs Committee at Grand Valley State University, ARAMARK Higher Education is launching a Student Senate Food Committee. This first ever committee will be run solely by the students and focus exclusively on the dining services available on campus. Long desired by the University and ARAMARK Higher Education, the Senate Food Committee will represent the voice of Dining Services to their peers and express the interests of the students to Dining Services. This win/win situation solidifies the continuing partnership the institution has with ARAMARK to support the student community.

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Heidelberg University - 50 year partnership with year over year dining enrollment growth

ARAMARK Higher Education has been the dining service provider for Heidelberg University for over 50 years. Since its inception as the University’s food service provider, ARAMARK Higher Education has demonstrated superior leadership by consistently growing the dining program year over year. Through a donation to the university, ARAMARK has been given the honor of naming a private dining room adjoined to the central dining facility. The new university president, Rob Huntington, and ARAMARK look forward to a continuing and productive partnership for many years to come.

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In 2004, ARAMARK Higher Education was named the dining service provider for The University of Southern Mississippi. There was a lot of apprehension from the staff about becoming an employee of ARAMARK. The employees expressed a host of concerns ranging from job security, to seniority, to the change in benefits. ARAMARK placed a team member on campus to enrich the employees and oversee the transition. Looking back the employees now consider the transition a success and feel they have been enriched from the experience.

"Change is inevitable and change is good. Change with tradition is better. Change here is for the positive simply because we not only took what we were doing that was very good, we enhanced it. Instead of saying we change it, we didn’t, we grew it, we enhanced it and we enriched it. That is a better word than change."
-Kim Busche, Catering Director, The University of Southern Mississippi

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University of Tennessee - Community partnership results in employing 12 refugees

ARAMARK Higher Education at the University of Tennessee has recently hired new employees working in the dish room who are refugees from Burundi. Their employment was a result of an ARAMARK "help wanted" ad that offered a multilingual environment for workers. Bridge Refugee Services, a non-profit volunteer group who works with refugees in East Tennessee, saw the advertisement and contacted the hiring manager.

The result was the hiring of 12 new employees who are now benefiting from on-going English language classes which are a requirement of their employment. They are also learning job specific skills such as equipment usage, food safety, how to operate cooking stations and the fundamentals of hospitality service. Having a job has helped these employees begin the road to normalcy after being witness to a war that has raged in Burundi for over a decade. Finding employment with ARAMARK Dining Services at the University of Tennessee has been a benefit to all involved.

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Loyola University Chicago - Hard work and determination paid off for Chinese immigrant

In 2007, Chen Qiuyan was referred to Loyola Dining Services through the Chinese-American Counsel of Chicago. She had recently emigrated from China and had no work experience in the United States. Chen was hired to work at the Simpson Dining salad bar. With little knowledge of the English language, Chen strived to learn from fellow employees and students, who showed great interest in helping her learn English.

With hard work and determination, Chen developed cross-functional skills by assisting other stations at Simpson Dining. With these skills and her drive for continuous improvement, Chen quickly became a highly valued employee. Her knowledge, skills and dedication to her job enabled her to be promoted to Supervisor. Today, Chen is responsible for supervisory duties at Simpson Dining. She also assists in training other Chinese-speaking employees with the hope of helping them excel and grow in their own positions within Loyola Dining Services.

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The University of Chicago - Teaching nutrition to Chicago Public School high schoolers

The University of Chicago hosted a weeklong C-CAP Nutrition Camp that offers high school students in the Chicago public schools the opportunity to be taught basic culinary skills while learning about healthy and nutritious cooking. Admission to the nutrition camp is highly selective, with about half of the participants chosen through the Junior Cooking Competition hosted during the school year. The other half gains admission through a lengthy application and interview process. Twenty of the camp participants receive a full scholarship to attend this camp funded by ARAMARK Higher Education.

Executive Chefs from ARAMARK Higher Education's Campus Dining at The University of Chicago opened up their kitchens and lent their expertise to these students while they participated in a series of lectures and labs. The camp culminated with the creation of a cookbook of nutritious recipes that were judged on the final day of camp.

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Seton Hill University - Becoming an integral part of the university culture

Seton Hill University has been a partner with ARAMARK Higher Education since 1968. The ARAMARK dining services managers at the University work tirelessly to create a dynamic team that is a part of the culture of the university and the surrounding community. When walking around campus with these individuals most students know them by name and greet them with bright, big smiles. In addition to their responsibilities of managing the on-campus dining services program they are also involved in several sustainable food service activities throughout the campus. This includes leading the Green Commitment initiatives for Seton Hill University by growing fresh vegetables to use in the dining services program and exploring the feasibility of producing bio-diesel fuel to power the grounds equipment. They are also active members of the Social Work Club, the Resident Assistant’s Food Training Programming, the Student Activities Council and the Battle of the Buildings. Every holiday season, the University's dining services team holds an event that is highly anticipated by members of the community, alumni and student population.

Outside the campus, the managers have participated in Habitat for Humanity and are co-advisors to the Make-A-Wish Foundation raising $3,500 per year to grant a wish. Whether it is supporting a worthy cause through a donation of time, product, skill or expertise, the University dining services team at Seton Hill University are proud and valuable members of the campus community.

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Before the University of Scranton began design and construction on a new student center, they first consulted with their dining service partner, ARAMARK Higher Education. ARAMARK got involved in the ground floor discussion on the type of facility that best served the needs of the students, faculty and staff. The collaboration resulted in the construction of a new student center featuring the Fresh Food Company® restaurant, one of ARAMARK's proprietary residential restaurant brands, and several retail destinations.

"This building is really a product of the collaboration between ARAMARK and their expertise both at the local level and the corporate level and The University of Scranton."
Dr. Vincent Carilli, Vice President Student Affairs, University of Scranton

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The College of Saint Rose located in Albany, NY is a private, independent, coeducational college with more than 5,300 undergraduate and graduate students. ARAMARK Higher Education has been the campus food service management partner of the college for more than 25 years. ARAMARK also provides comprehensive facilities management services to the college. After ARAMARK's renovation of the residential dining facilities, the college decided to include a visit to the dining hall as part of the campus tour. Prospective students and their families reacted by taking pictures and sending them to their friends.

"Our dining room went from not being a part of the campus tour to being one of the jewels in the crown."
Marcus F. Buckley, VP for Finance and Administration, The College of Saint Rose

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Arizona State University - State-of-the art restaurant committed to sustainable dining practices

At Arizona State University, ARAMARK Higher Education transformed a faculty & staff cafeteria into a state-of-the-art, sustainable restaurant that hosts students, faculty, staff and university guests. The Engrained Café comes to Arizona State University as part of ARAMARK's Green Thread™ Platform. It is an opportunity for the campus community to engage in sustainable dining practices though a living-learning restaurant committed to locally grown food and environmentally friendly practices.

"Engrained Café will provide a unique restaurant experience where guests can enjoy a good meal while learning about and experiencing good sustainability practices... The partnership between Arizona State University and Aramark/Sun Devil Dining is an example of the collaboration needed to promote wide-scale change."
Bonny Bentzin, Director of University Sustainability Practices, Arizona State University

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California State University, East Bay - Focus on residential life reshapes campus community

ARAMARK Higher Education and California State University, East Bay formed a partnership that has reshaped the campus by placing a greater emphasis on residential student-life. This transition included the expansion of their housing with the addition of Pioneer Heights Residential Student Apartments, which doubled the number of residents from 600 to 1,200. Along with the student apartments, ARAMARK Higher Education and California State University, East Bay partnered to construct the first residential dining commons and a second retail food court with nationally known brands. As a result of these changes, customer satisfaction scores have increased dramatically

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The University of Southern Mississippi - Building student loyalty through retail restaurant transformation

To attract and retain the right mix of students that would enrich the Southern Mississippi legacy, the university decided to enhance the impressions of campus visitors by transforming the campus tour experience. In support of this goal, ARAMARK Higher Education worked with the admissions department to integrate the dining facilities into the campus orientation tours. Highlighted on the campus tour is the new Power House sports restaurant, which chronicles the University's impressive history and athletic tradition. The Power House restaurant has become a must see for visitors coming to the Southern Miss campus.

"It's great to have a restaurant on campus that is unique to Southern Miss. I can really feel the school spirit when I eat there! When I come back to visit after graduation, the Power House will be among the first places I go."
- Forrest Holston, Senior, Religion Major, University of Southern Mississippi

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Old Dominion University - MarketMATCH® planning process identifies growth opportunities

Old Dominion University had a strategic goal to transition the University from being a commuter campus to a residential school. To strategically align with the University's Master Plan, ARAMARK Higher Education conducted a MarketMATCH® assessment to create a five year master plan for the University. A new residential community was built which created a new neighborhood on-campus. A part of the new community design included the construction of dining venues featuring nationally known brands. This helped to contribute to the growth in meal plan enrollment by more than 35% in the past three years.

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In collaboration with the students and faculty of Bloomsburg University, ARAMARK Higher Education created a small bio-diesel production facility in a converted greenhouse on campus. Using the donated used cooking oil from on-campus dining venues, the bio-diesel facility produces enough fuel to keep one of the campus buses running throughout the summer months.

"We are very excited that there was a totally student/faculty initiative and collaboration with ARAMARK."
-Dr. David L. Soltz, President, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

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Boston University - 244% increase in recycling from prior year

In partnership with ARAMARK Higher Education Dining Services at Boston University, the University has made a commitment to improving their sustainable food service efforts. Over the past year, Dining Services have eliminated 544 tons of material from the waste stream, including 429 tons of food waste, 90 tons of cardboard and 75 tons of cans and bottles. The effort resulted in a 244% increase in recycling from the prior year. This is the equivalent of saving 1,566 trees, removing 99 cars from the road, and 1,411 cubic yards of avoided landfill space. For the year, Boston University recycled a total of 1,308 tons of waste with 42% being contributed from Dining Services.

To highlight and communicate their ongoing commitment to this effort, ARAMARK Dining Services created Sustainability Boards that are placed in each dining hall. Updated monthly, each board has information on new programs that ARAMARK has initiated such as the transition to green chemicals. The boards also list the local and organic food offerings provided by Dining Services. Boston University is proud of its sustainability efforts and looks to ARAMARK as a major contributor to the success of this effort.

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Elon University - Less plastic in landfills results in more savings for university

Elon University included bottled water as a part of their meal plan combo exchange. In lieu of giving every student a reusable plastic mug, ARAMARK Higher Education provided them with a less expensive and more user-friendly reusable aluminum water bottle. The savings from this replacement enabled the University to purchase three filtration machines for meal plan exchange customers. The program resulted in the diversion of an estimated 50,000 plastic bottles from landfills that equate to approximately $23,000 cost savings to the University.

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Pacific University - Alignment with University sustainability goals results in higher student satisfaction

ARAMARK Higher Education partnered with Pacific University to implement several eco-friendly improvements on campus. This included a switch to biodegradable disposable wares, the introduction of local and organic offerings in the catering menus, and the adoption of recycled paper for all administrative needs.

ARAMARK Higher Education's sustainability efforts also extend into the local community. Each semester ARAMARK features a Farmer's Market where local produce and dairy farmers showcase their products to students. In fact, over the past year ARAMARK increased their purchase of organic produce by almost 40%. ARAMARK is also working with the "Greening Pacific!" team to educate campus consumers on waste reduction and other sustainable food service practices. Student reaction has been positive with articles appearing in the student newspaper about ARAMARK's efforts. By aligning with Pacific University's campus sustainability goals, student ratings of the overall dining experience, as well as food variety and quality, have increased.

"The ARAMARK Dining Services Staff on our campus has brought our sustainability efforts to a new level. Faculty, staff, and students alike have been continuously impressed with the genuine commitment and effort."
Julie Murray-Jensen, Associate Dean of Students, Pacific University

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University of Virginia - Dining program sustainability efforts earns an "A" from the Sustainable Endowments Institute

University of Virginia Dining takes the lead in ARAMARK Higher Education's on-campus sustainable food service efforts. A "Green Dining" task force led by U.Va. Dining has implemented several changes including: tray-less dining; composting; reduction of food waste by 25%; re-usable to-go containers; compostable commissary packaging; local food buying that increases by almost 5% per year; and a plan to increase sustainable purchasing even more over the next two years. U.Va. Dining and the University of Virginia earned an "A" in Dining Sustainability on the "College Sustainability Report Card" from the Sustainable Endowments Institute.

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As the campus dining services provider at Boston University, ARAMARK Higher Education aligns with the University's strategic goal of cultivating community. Boston University looks to ARAMARK to create dining experiences that not only focus on serving nutritious and good food but also in creating gathering places that bring together the campus community.

"To have a mission and a strategic goal that includes community, it's very important that we work with ARAMARK in terms of doing that. ARAMARK has remained responsive to the needs of community to make sure that a student not only eat foods but has a dining experience."
-Kenn Elmore, VP and Dean of Student Affairs, Boston University

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University of Florida - Respecting cultures and traditions raises student satisfaction

ARAMARK Higher Education at the University of Florida co-hosted the first annual 'Breaking the Fast' dining hall celebration with the student-run organization, Islam on Campus. The Student Government asked ARAMARK Higher Education to partner with the group in serving more than 200 Muslim students traditional fare as part of the celebratory event. Participation in the event extended into the classroom with an International Studies Professor attending the dinner with her class to teach them the traditions of the Muslim culture.

"The event was a big success and I really appreciate everyone's efforts. I look forward to future events like these on campus. I have heard a lot of positive feedback from other members of Islam on Campus. We are lucky to have a dining services department on campus that is able to provide us with our traditional food."
- Amina Naseer, Student Representative, Islam on Campus, University of Florida

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University of Cincinnati - Transformation in dining venues garners national media attention

In partnership with ARAMARK Higher Education, University of Cincinnati sought to enhance the campus feel by connecting the Calhoun and Siddal dining rooms to the newly constructed residential restaurant MarketPointe. Prior to building the new restaurant, ARAMARK Higher Education encouraged the campus community to provide input into the concept and style. As a result, students, faculty and staff can now enjoy the new MarketPointe selections prepared in an open kitchen right in full view. From made-to-order omelets at breakfast, to gourmet wraps at lunch and exhibition-cooked pasta creations at dinner, MarketPointe is unlike the dining halls of the past.

The transformation of the University of Cincinnati's campus has garnered national and international attention in Architecture magazine, the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. The display cooking style of MarketPointe has made the University of Cincinnati a national leader for its approach to campus dining.

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